Video creation
Increase sales with video marketing and the latest marketing technologies
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IPG creates sales content
IPG is a production studio and digital marketing agency. We create beautiful useful marketing, and our experience and our products, contribute to business development.
Business products
  • Increases turnover and sales
  • Helps build a competitive edge
  • Simple and powerful sales force enhancement
  • Helps expose your product or service to your customers
  • Makes you stand out from the competition
  • Helps you enter new markets
  • Easily closes large deals
  • Helps companies reach the next level
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • PPC (pay per click)
  • SMM (Social Media Marketing)
  • Targeted advertising
  • Competitive analysis
  • Developing a unique selling proposition
  • Developing a presentation or marketing whale
  • Marketing analysis of the product
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Video creation

Creation of videos according to our author's scripts. You will receive 5 scripts to choose from when ordering just a couple days after the start. Marketing triggers, the right selling structure, capturing the viewer's attention, properly pitching your product or service, unlocking value, demonstrating value far beyond the price your customers will have to pay, creating loyalty and interest in your brand to inspire trust and much, much more, we include in our work when creating videos to promote your product or service.
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Video production

Making a quality advertisement is not a difficult thing to do. To do this in business, you just need to make a video for advertising. Video is an intensive concentrated tool, where a person assimilates the amount of information on a couple of hundred pictures and 20 pages of text for 30-60 seconds of the commercial.
And that's why commercials have such a powerful selling power, which is no secret to any experienced marketer.

Creating videos in Almaty

Creating videos in Almaty is particularly worthwhile.
Why is it that creating a video clip for promotional purposes can create such powerful results.
First - there is room in the video to attract attention. The first 2-10 seconds can easily be given for this task. It's important to understand your Target Audience at all stages and this one in particular, in order to grab the attention of exactly YOUR Target Audience.
Second - in the videos you can go through a large number of points that distinguish you from your competitors. That is to reveal your UTP - Unique Selling Proposition. This is important because we live and work in a world of strong competition and the extent to which we can draw attention to the advantages of us over others will determine how high will be our sales and the viability of our company.
Third, commercials can show many points that easily move a customer into a zone where they are ready to buy. These moments can not be shown in graphic advertising because it is limited in volume, but in the video due to its vastness can be included in a whole group of them and it gives its fruits.
Fourthly, trust is aroused by the image of the company, its style of work, the atmosphere that people create in it and the vibrations that a person is able to feel from it. Video easily communicates these values to your potential customers and resonates with them.
Fifth, people don't want to read texts anymore and making a video for them simply means staying relevant, customer-centric and generally giving them value before they even make their first purchase from you.
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